VocBox is a free resource that can be used in classrooms by teachers as a learning tool, and can be recommended to students.

Learning with VocBox works on the same principle as the Leitner flashcard system: the learning here is based on the long-term memorization of vocabulary acquired through a systematic repetition of words.

In class VocBox can be used as a modern virtual learning tool. VocBox offers teachers and students many opportunities to teach and learn languages efficiently and in a fun way.

VocBox is a platform for teachers and students whose content can be exchanged and saved at any time in their respective user accounts. Students from all over the world can access their vocabulary sets, whether they are at school or at home.

Examples and benefits

Using official sets (basic vocabulary): The basic vocabulary sets can be used as supplementary teaching materials. These sets are specifically designed for a beginner’s level.

Using official sets (specific vocabulary): The specific vocabulary sets contain thematically related vocabulary covering different topics, some of which come from our free online magazines (veintemundos.com, teatime-mag.com).

Using your own sets: Your students have access to their own vocabulary sets wherever they may be (home, school, library) and can save their results under their respective user accounts at any time.

Using public sets: Teachers can, for example, create their own vocabulary sets according to a specific theme and use them with their students in class. This way, the sets can be exchanged and learned by all students.

PLUS: Vocbox can be particularly effective when used with our free online magazines Veintemundos (veintemundos.com - Spanish) and Tea-Time Mag (teatime-mag.com - English). Indeed, the vocabulary is learned best when put into context (Content and Language Integrated Learning). The articles in our magazines are designed to have a relatively sophisticated level of vocabulary. Thus, teachers can use words and sentences related to a particular context without having to search for it.

VocBox offers many ways to create lessons in a fun and interactive way.