VM18 - Cancionero- EN - 26 Terms

Term Translation
to remember acordarse
the grade (here: the letter) la nota
the scabbard (here: the problem) la vaina
to feel like it dar la gana
by por medio de
the revalry la rivalidad
the duel el duelo
to make a fool of oneself quedar en ridículo
lifelong vitalicio/a
to realize darse cuenta
the theme (here: the song) el tema
to master dominar
to stand out destacar
soundbox la caja
an Instrument (a slotted board, played with a metal rod) la guacharaca
offensive hiriente
mocking burlón/a
the opponent adversario/a
to interpret (here: to sing) interpretar
a duet with a duo con
the challenge el reto
to compete competir
the verse el verso
to challenge desafiar
to exceed superar
here: to launch publicar