Term Translation
Figure... out find out, understand
give...back return
look for search
put...on wear, gain weight, organize or perform sth for entertainment, kid or tease sb
run into hit sth, meet sb unexpectedly (bump into), encounter problems, grow (number, amount)
show up turn up, appear somewhere
take...off remove, leave abruptly,take time off A= do sth except A, rise up (plane), thrive (business),reduce(price)
come off become detached, result (event), come off it= it's not true
doze off fall into light sleep
fall for being deceived, being obsessed
give in to be obliged
pull through recover from a serious illness or injury
stay off don't walk or sit on sth
throw up Vomit, cause (problem, idea, result), cause dirt into air, build quickly
feel up to have then confidence or energy to do sth
get...over with finish sth unpleasant to stop worrying about
go along with agree, obey
go in for do a favorite activity regularly
screw (object) out of get sth valuable from sb dishonestly
talk down to talking with others in a way that they are less than you